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  Phoebese industrial(shanghai) Co,. Ltd. specializes in producing the dunnage air bags since 2008.
Nowadays, the company got three producing lines for PP woven dunnage air bags, two producing lines for Paper dunnage air bags, one producing line for square dunnage air bags and one producing line for PP&Paper dunnage air bags.
Main products:
•PP woven dunnage air bags(level 0, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and level 5)
•Paper dunnage air bags(1ply 2ply 4ply 6ply 8ply)
•Square dunnage bags(all sizes available)
•PP&Paper dunnage air bags(all sizes available)
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菲毕尼为 phoebe的音译,意思为”月亮之神”,拥有独立的进出口经营权。公司品牌“Phoebese”已成为国际知名充气袋品牌。拥有PP,牛皮纸,纸塑复合等多产品系列充气袋品牌,可满足国内外中,高,低,全方位,不同层次的包装填充需求。







Phoebese got nearly ten years experience of manufacturing different kinds of dunnage air bags to pursue our goal of keeping the cargoes safe globally. The company has efficient solutions for different kinds of requirements for different modes of transportation. We will find the best shipping solution for you with the correct dunnage bags.



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PP dunnage bag
Paper dunnage bag
PP&Paper dunnage bag 

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