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1:What are dunnage air bags?

Dunnage air bags are composed of extensible kraft paper or woven polypropylene outer material and the PE(polyethylene) or PA(nylon) inner material with the inflating and deflating bigger air valve.


2:Why use dunnage air bags?

They protect the goods from being damaged by restricting load movement during transit. Dunnage bags are less expensive than other materials such as lumber, nails.


3: How do I determine what size and type of dunnage bag to use?

It is determined by a variety of factors such as the weight of the product, the void size and the transportation mode. First, measure the void between your cargo and measure the distance from the floor to the top of the load, then contact our product Specialist to determine what type and size airbag is the right one for you.

4: What type of equipment do I need to inflate a Phoebese air bag?

 An air compressor or air line with one of our dunnage bag inflators matched with air valve.


5: Do dunnage bags require any type of protection during use?

It is important to place corrugated material or similar on the side of the dunnage bag where there are rough surfaces or sharp objects.


6:Are the dunnage air bags reusable and recyclable

Yes. Phoebese dunnage air bags can be reused for 4-5times.


7:Can you do OEM or ODM?

Yes welcome.


8:What certifications do your dunnage air bags be verified?

①:AAR( (Association of American Railroad)






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Tips and suggestions
What are dunnage air bags?
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